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Forever Coat FAQs

If you’re planning to complete an exterior painting project, don’t settle for ordinary paint. DeBell™ Home Improvement Center offers a far superior solution with Forever Coat ceramic coatings. This innovative alternative to traditional exterior house paint offers valuable benefits that make it a smart investment in your Reno home.

Since most homeowners aren’t aware of the many benefits they stand to gain from DeBell™ Forever Coat, we’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about this impressive product.

All You Need to Know About Forever Coat Ceramic Coatings

What are the Basic Differences Between Forever Coat and Exterior House Paint?
Traditional paint can consist of up to 60% water and dries in a thin coating that is susceptible to damage from the elements. In contrast, Forever Coat is paint mixed with ceramic compounds that bond to the surface and dries to a thickness that's 12x that of paint for a lasting, weatherproof finish.

How Does Forever Coat Compare to the Best Exterior Paint?
Even the best house painting options on the market can’t compare to the proven durability of ceramic coatings. While some paints are far superior to others, none offer the benefits of a Forever Coat.

Where Can Forever Coat be Used?
Our ceramic coatings can be used on both the exterior and interior of your Reno home.

Does Forever Coat Help with Energy Efficiency?
Yes! One of the most exciting facts about Forever Coat is that it provides the same R-value as six inches of fiberglass insulation. When applied to both the interior and exterior of the home, it provides an R-value that far exceeds the levels provided by standard fiberglass insulation. 

How Much Can I Save On My Energy Bills by Choosing Forever Coat?
The savings can be significant. We estimate that the energy savings could be as great as 50%, meaning homeowners can typically recoup their ceramic coating investment in as little as two years.

What Colors are Available?
Any color you want! While the properties are different, ceramic coatings are similar to paint in that they can be tinted to any desired color.

Does Forever Coat Come with a Warranty?
One of the best in the business! Your investment in Forever Coat ceramic coatings will be covered by a 25-year manufacturer warranty, and that's in addition to our own 4-year workmanship warranty.

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