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Forever Coat Benefits

If it’s time to repaint your Reno home, why not choose an exterior painting solution that provides the beautiful look you want, only with added benefits that you could never get from regular old house paint? DeBell™ Home Improvement Center is proud to offer Forever Coat ceramic coatings that offer all that and more.

DeBell™ Forever Coat looks similar to a freshly applied coat of exterior house paint, but it offers unmatched durability and efficiency. To ensure a flawless and long-lasting finish, Forever Coat is also applied with greater precision and care. 

Our expertly trained crews will:

  • Power Wash Surfaces: Dirt and grime are washed away to provide a clean surface for the application.
  • Make Wood Repairs: Any wood that has moisture damage is repaired.
  • Apply Primer: Waterproof primer acts as a durable base coat to set the foundation for decades of performance.
  • Apply the Ceramic Coating: The ceramic coating, matched to your choice of color, is expertly applied.

Why Choose Forever Coat?

The cheapest house painting option isn’t necessarily the best. Forever Coat has an upfront cost that’s a bit higher than traditional house exterior paint, but you’ll recoup those costs quickly thanks to the energy-efficient properties of this premium coating material. Forever Coat is:

  • 12 Times Thicker Than Paint
  • Class A Fire Resistant
  • Covered by a 25-Year Warranty

The most impressive benefit of Forever Coat, however, is its remarkable insulating properties.

Most homeowners love finding ways to trim their heating and cooling costs, and Forever Coat can yield savings of 40% to 50% when applied to both the interior and the exterior of your Reno home. These significant savings are even greater than what you’d achieve by installing fiberglass insulation.

Simply the Best Exterior Paint Solution

Still curious about the benefits of Forever Coat? Here are some facts you’re sure to find interesting:

  • A single exterior coating of Forever Coat provides the same R-value (R-19) as 6 inches of fiberglass insulation.
  • When you add an interior application of Forever Coat, the R-value jumps to 28.5.
  • Ceramic coatings help with moisture management, which lowers energy costs as up to 25% of HVAC costs are attributed to dehumidification.
  • Heat comes in three forms: ultra-violet, visible light, and infrared. Forever Coat blocks them all.

Try to get those kinds of benefits with even the best exterior paint!

Learn More About Our Insulating Ceramic Coatings

Don’t settle for ordinary paint when a Forever Coat ceramic coating can pay for itself in as little as 2 years! Contact DeBell™ Home Improvement Center today for more information, or fill out our online form now to schedule a free consultation for an accurate cost estimate.

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